The Woke Language Police: Deleting Women from Existence

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2 min readJul 8, 2023


A faceless, fading woman is being erased in Portland, Oregon.

Portland’s war on women pushes gender-neutrality to extremes. The city’s government also refuses to admit American citizens exist.

The Office of Equity and Human Rights in Portland has released an Inclusive Writing Guide, which instructs city staffers to abandon commonly used terms that supposedly have evolved to be more “culturally conscious.” In doing so, they hope to erase the female aspect from terms like “women”, “pregnant women” and “breasfeeding.” This directive is absurd, given the factual and undeniable existence of biological women.

The guide recommends the use of terms such as “pregnant people” instead of “pregnant women” and “chest feeding” instead of “breastfeeding.” It even advises staffers to use “they/them” pronouns instead of “he” or “she.” This is an attempt to promote gender-neutral language while at the same time discarding the biological reality of women. This is yet another example of the woke language police trying to control language and erase the very real distinctions between men and women.

The city’s guide goes further and erases terms like “citizen” and “caucasian”, this is not only confusing but also innacurate. It seems the city is more concerned with enforcing its “wokeness” and political correctness than addressing the actual problems that residents face. With crime on the rise and homelessness at an all-time high, Portland residents deserve better.

Language is indeed fluid, but the city’s use of language seems focused on promoting their political agenda of exclusion rather than addressing the needs of the community. By erasing the word “woman,” they are trying to erase the biological reality of women. This is not only illogical but also harmful. It is no wonder that residents are leaving, the city has lost 4% of its population according to a recent census.

Instead of pursuing this woke agenda, the city government should be focused on actually governing and addressing the root causes of rising crime rates and homelessness. It is essential to provide law enforcement with the resources and support they need to keep residents safe. It is also necessary to develop effective strategies to address homelessness, which is a significant issue affecting Portland residents.

Portland residents deserve better than the city government’s efforts to impose its woke language on them. The Office of Equity and Human Rights needs to prioritize addressing the real concerns of the community, such as crime and homelessness, rather than wasting resources on an attempt to erase legal and biological realities.

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