The Pentagon’s Opposition to the Sexual Assault Prevention Bill is Absurd

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2 min readJul 10, 2023


A General stopping a self defense class for military service members.

The Department of Defense is hiding behind ‘woke’ excuses instead of addressing the issue of sexual assaults in the military.

In recent news, a Republican congresswoman named Anna Paulina Luna has criticized the Department of Defense (DOD) for opposing a bill that would require monthly self-defense classes for military service members in order to combat sexual assaults within the armed forces. The bill, known as H.R. 1434 or the Stop Our Sexual Assault in the Military Act, seeks to address the significant increase in annual sexual assaults within the military, as reported by the Pentagon in 2021.

Empowering service members with self-defense skills is not only a matter of protecting them from potential threats, but also a means to enhance their overall well-being and readiness. Service members should be equipped with the knowledge and ability to defend themselves against attack, which is a basic human right and a necessary aspect of self-preservation.

Moreover, the DOD’s opposition to this bill is not only absurd, but it also demonstrates a lack of understanding of the current state of sexual assault in the military. The DOD’s argument that the classes “could re-traumatize many victims of sexual assault” is not only insensitive but also misguided. On the contrary, equipping service members with self-defense skills could potentially reduce the number of victims of sexual assault by empowering them to protect themselves.

Furthermore, the DOD’s claim that the classes “would train potential or alleged perpetrators how to counter victim tactics” is unfounded and irresponsible. Teaching service members self-defense would not provide them with the means to attack or victimize others, but rather to defend themselves against any potential threats. This is a common sense measure that should be supported by the DOD, rather than being opposed.

Additionally, the DOD’s assertion that the classes could “affect its ability to train young service members in the proper skills to navigate and develop healthy relationships” is unsupported and unreasonable. It is essential for service members to be equipped with the skills to protect themselves and their peers, as a means to foster healthy relationships and a strong fighting force for the country.

It is important that service members are empowered with self-defense skills, which would not only enhance their safety but also their well-being. The DOD’s opposition to this bill is unjustified and shows a lack of understanding of the current state of sexual assault in the military. The bill should be supported and passed, and the DOD should prioritize the safety and readiness of service members over their own woke ideologies. As the congresswoman put it, the DOD should be the Department of Defense, not the Department of the Offended.

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