Saving Christianity: Why Properly Trained Christian AI Models Are Indispensable

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2 min readJul 20, 2023


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The risk of hallucinating heresy: The need for denominationally-specific christian AI models.

The rapid advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) have brought about a revolution in various industries, including the field of religion. With the potential to improve Bible engagement and foster spiritual growth, it is no surprise that Christian churches are exploring the integration of AI models. However, the potential risks of misusing this technology must not be overlooked. In this blog post, we will emphasize the importance of properly trained Christian AI models specialized in different denominations to prevent the decline of Christianity.

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the Christian Church

Christianity Today’s article “Robot ‘Church Fathers’ Might Curate New Canons” highlights the potential impact of AI on the Christian Church. By 2023, we have seen the rise of “BibleGPTs,” which have the potential to shape our understanding of the Bible and Christian theology. These AI models have the power to reify “concentric canons,” create canonical mash-ups, and facilitate “culture-bound” questions that may lead to the emergence of heresies. Additionally, the loudest traditions are more likely to be overrepresented, and Bible reading may be replaced by on-demand answers, leading to a potential decline in the spiritual well-being of the Church.

The Importance of Properly Trained Christian AI Models

To avoid negative consequences from AI models, it is crucial for Christian churches to invest in properly trained models specialized in different denominations. By doing so, churches can ensure that their members are equipped with accurate and holistic Scripture knowledge. Just as the design of our buildings and the technology we use shape us, so too will AI models shape our relationship with the Bible and our understanding of Christian theology.

The paradox of relying on technology is that while it can provide great benefits, it can also lead to spiritual harm if not used responsibly. The risk of “hallucinating heresy” highlights the importance of being cautious when integrating AI models into the Church. However, properly designed BibleGPTs have the potential to revolutionize Bible engagement, enabling Christians to connect with God and be equipped for mission.

The future of Christianity depends on our ability to embrace new technologies while remaining grounded in our faith. The integration of properly trained Christian AI models is essential to prevent the decline of Christianity and ensure that the Church remains spiritually vibrant. It is our responsibility as Christian leaders to navigate this new landscape with wisdom and discernment, ensuring that we do not lose ourselves in the tool but rather use it as a means to deepen our relationship with God.

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