Rep. Lee Blames Trump for Biden’s Chaotic Withdrawal from Afghanistan

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2 min readJul 9, 2023


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Unfair Assessment: Representative Lee’s Take on the Biden Administration’s Role in the Afghanistan Withdrawal.

It’s no secret that the war in Afghanistan was long and tumultuous, with the U.S. government constantly shifting its strategy and goals. Recently, Representative Barbara Lee of California has come under fire for her comments regarding the Biden administration’s handling of the withdrawal from Afghanistan.

In a July 9th interview on CNN, Lee stated that the Biden administration does not deserve any blame for the chaotic withdrawal, citing that the Trump administration’s agreement with the Taliban is primarily to blame. Additionally, she claimed that the Trump administration’s gutting of the State Department and diplomatic corps made it difficult for the Afghanistan war to come to a smooth end.

However, it’s important to remember that President Trump only initiated the process of withdrawal, and it was the Biden administration that actually decided to go ahead and carry it out. Therefore, any failures during the execution of the withdrawal and the devastating consequences of it are ultimately on Joe Biden and his administration.

The recent State Department report found that both Trump and Biden had “insufficient senior-level consideration of what could go wrong during a withdrawal,” which ultimately led to the collapse of the Afghan government and the subsequent wave of violence. Despite this, Lee still maintains that the Biden administration should not be held responsible for the failures of the withdrawal.

Lee’s comments come just over a week after the State Department released its formal evaluation of the Afghanistan withdrawal. The report found that both the Trump and Biden administrations lacked proper consideration of the worst-case scenarios that could have arisen during the withdrawal process.

It’s clear that the Afghanistan withdrawal was a difficult and complex process, and there are certainly areas where both the Trump and Biden administrations could have done better. However, the Biden administration is responsible for not having corrected course and crashing against the iceberg of poor judgment, shortsightedness, poor planning, and incompetent execution.

It’s important for politicians to hold themselves accountable for their actions and to acknowledge their role in the outcomes of events they heavily influence. Lee’s comments were obviously intended to defend the Biden administration, deflect blame with baseless arguments, and dismiss all the poor choices made by Biden that contributed to the failures of the withdrawal and the unnecessary death of 13 U.S. service members.

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